Blog post 10

These magazine layouts have interesting aspects that I would like to use in my page layout. The simplicity and composition of these layouts is something I would like to use. The way the images has been used is another aspect I would like to play around like In these layouts.


Blog post 9

Two color palettes with four colors in each palette.

I chose these two color palettes because they best represent Mexico. Mexico’s streets are very eye catching due to the bright and vivid colors. Tepoztlán itself follows that idea of representing itself through colors and art.


Blog post 7


Tepoztlan is the place to be when your intuited with your artistic side, the streets are full of  beautiful bright murals depicting the natural beauty of Mexico. Tepoztlan is also known for its authentic food, from classic tacos to enchiladas and so much more. There’s a place for everyone in Tepoztalan, it’s very diverse and welcoming!

Blog post 6


Tepotzotlan the new Portland.

I chose a travel magazine exploring the city of Tepotzotlan. I will mention the great “hang out” spots, the best restaurants to go to and many more places. Tepotzotlan is not only full of options it’s genuinely beautiful in every way.

Blog post 5






Helvetica advertisement


Helvetica is a neutral front-face which lacks a strong personality of its own. Helvetica has clean lines which go very well with many elements such as images, especially advertisement. Helvetica being neutral it also expresses a feeling of trustworthiness and reliability